Jong Min, Choe

Born in South Korea in 1982, J.M entered into the world of computer graphics at the age of 9, and started working professionally at the age of 18. Since then, working as a leading art director/freelancer in more than 10 agencies, he participated in approximately 100 projects. Currently affiliated in [d’strict holdings], he engaged in various digital platforms including mobile, installations, launching shows and theme parks. His landmark projects include [Beat Racer], [SK T’um installation], [Samsung Galaxy S Launching show] and [Live Park 4D].


[Lila Soft] Co-founder / Art director
[d’strict holdings] Art director
[Dae Duk] univ. Special Lecturer
[Design Jungle] Motion Graphic Design Tutor
[Mensa] Member


[OGN] G-Rank Award ‘June- Challenge Seoul
[Unity Technologies] Made with Unity Korea Awards ‘17
[Google] Indie Game Festival 2017 – Winner
[FWA] FWA of the day – APP
[iF] iF communication design award 2013 – red prize
[Designhouse] Korea Design Award 2012
[iF] iF communication design award 2011 – red prize
[Macromedia] 15 Flash Designers representing Korea
[Macromedia] Site of Week

거래 고객사


  • Media Facade
    [d’strict] ‘LED.ART’ Unknown 1
    [d’strict] ‘LED.ART’ Unknown 2
    [d’strict] ‘LED.ART’ Unknown 3
  • VR Game
    [Lila soft] ‘NDA’

  • VR Game
    [Lila soft] ‘NDA’

  • Media Facade
    [d’strict] ‘LED.ART’ Gemstone
  • VR Game
    [Lila soft] ‘NDA’

  • Media Facade
    [d’strict] ‘LED.ART’ String
  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘NDA’

  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘NDA’

  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘Color Zombie’

  • Advertise
    [Lila soft] ‘Time Jump’
  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘Time Jump 1.0 for Ketchapp’
  • Web Site
    [Lila soft] ‘Lila soft’

  • Advertise
    [Lila soft] ‘Fit’ 
  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.45’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.45 for ZPLAY’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.45 for LINE’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 2.0’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 2.0 for ZPLAY’
    [Lila soft] ‘Fit 1.0 for Ketchapp’

  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.2’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.3’
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.4’ 

  • Advertise
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer’ 
  • Mobile Game
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer 1.0’ 
  • Web Site
    [Lila soft] ‘Beat Racer’

  • Guest Experience
    [Paradise Group] ‘Paradise City’
    [SBE Group] ‘SLS Hotel Las Vegas’ 
  • Installation
    [CGV China] ‘Menu Board’

  • Guest Experience
    [SBE Group] ‘SLS Hotel Las Vegas’ 
  • Installation
    [d’strict] ‘Smart Wall’
    [d’strict] ‘Station Theater’
    [d’strict] ‘Station Cafe’
    [d’strict] ‘Station Car’
    [d’strict] ‘Mix Cube’

  • Guest Experience
    [Hyundai Motor] Proposal
  • Installation
    [Hyundai Motor] ‘Paris Motor Show’
    [ShinHan Bank] ‘Smart Bank’
    [HomePlus] ‘NDA’ 
  • Media Facade
    [KBS] ‘18th Korea Presidential Election’ 
    [KT-CokaCola] Proposal
    [POW] Proposal
    [CGV China] Proposal
    [Lotte Hotel] Proposal
  • Movie Title
    [CJ E&M]  Proposal

  • Theme Park
    [d’strict] ‘Live Park 4D’
  • Web Site
    [Hyundai Motor] ‘Global Brand Story’
    [Hyundai Motor] ‘Global Template’
  • Installation
    [Blue Man Group] Proposal

  • Advertise
    [d’strict] ‘2010 Job’
  • Brand Identity
    [d’strict] ‘stikus’ 
  • Installation
    [d’strict] ‘4D Live noi : Universal Frame’
    [d’strict] ‘stikus wall’ 
  • Exhibition
    [UNESCO] ‘2010 World Conference’
    [SK Telecom] ‘ : U.home’ 
    [FENDI] Proposal
  • R&D
    [d’strict] ‘Hyper Scopic 3D’
    [d’strict] ‘Universal Cloud’ 
  • Web Site
    [d’strict] ‘stikus wall’

  • Installation
    [Louis Quatorze] ‘Touch I’ 
    [SK Telecom] ‘T-ball’ Proposal
    [KT] ‘olleh kiosk’ Proposal
  • R&D
    [d’strict] ‘Olive’
    [d’strict] ‘Mountain display’
    [d’strict] ‘J4 Solution’ 
  • Exhibition
    [SAMSUNG] ‘jet : UNPACKED’ 
  • User Experience
    [SK Telecom] ‘T Style Standard Guide 4.0’ 

  • Advertise
    Game ‘Monster Hunter’ Proposal
    Game ‘Huxley’ Proposal
    Game ‘MU Online’ Proposal
    Game ‘ZZANG Online’ Proposal
  • Installation
    [d’strict] ‘Touch I : Seoul Design Festival’ 
  • Web Site
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Bora Phone’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Dreaming Love Festival’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Inner Zoom Phone’
    Game ‘Huxley’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Global Online Tutorial’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Black Jack Phone 2’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Global Brand Revolution’

  • Advertise
    [Yahoo!Korea] ‘yammy’ 
    Game ‘Condota’ 
  • Movie Title
    [SK Comms] ‘Cyworld Home 2’ Showcase
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Show Room’ 
  • Print
    [SAMSUNG] ‘ Talk.Play.Love’ Leaflet
  • User Experience
    [SAMSUNG] ‘MP3 Player’ GUI Presentation
  • Web Site
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Homevita’
    [Amore] ‘HERA’ Proposal
    [SAMSUNG Mobile] ‘UK’ Proposal
    [SAMSUNG] ‘HDSPA Phone’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Daum Search’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Mini Skirt Phone’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Everyday Quiz’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘SAMSUNG mall’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘My Stage Anycall 3.5’
    [Enprani] ‘mayfresh’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Dual DMB Phone’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘Black Jack Phone’
    [SAMSUNG [Armani Phone]

  • Advertise
    [Hyundai] ‘I’Way’
    Film ‘Lord of War’ 
    Game ‘Cui’ 
    Film ‘Them’ 
  • Web Site
    [SAMSUNG] ‘C.M.S’ Alpha
    [Purun Dental]
    [Sonokong] ‘Sonokong Festival’
    [Windy soft] ‘Windy Zone’
    [Daehan Flour] ‘Gom Pyo’
    [Hanjin] ‘KAS’
    [Sanei] ‘Callaway Apperal Korea’
    [Hanhwa] ‘EcoMetro’
    [Akyung] ‘POINT’
    [SAMSUNG] ‘’

  • Advertise
    Film ‘Typhoon’
    Film ‘Sylvia’
    Film ‘Love is Destructive’
    Film ‘Gaval’ 
    Film ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ 
    [KT] ‘Nam Joong Soo’ 
    Game ‘Dragonsky’
    Game ‘Shaiya’ 
    [KTF] ‘bigi’ 
    Game ‘Come on Baby’ 
  • Web Site
    Film ‘War of the Worlds’
    [FM Communications]

  • Advertise
    Film ‘Infernal Affairs 3’ 
    Film ‘The Last Wolf’ 
    Film ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ 
    Film ‘Mr.Gam’s Victory’ 
    Film ‘Rikidozan’
    Film ‘Red Eye’
    Film ‘Cracked Eggs and Noodles’ 
    Film ‘Diary of June’ 
  • Web Site
    Film ‘Infernal Affairs 3’
    [SICAF] ‘SICAF 2004’
    Film ‘World of Tommorrow’
    [EMPAS] ‘Movie Channel’

  • Advertise
    [LG] ‘Sigma 6 : Auto Oasis’ 
    Film ‘The Life of David Gale’
    Film ‘Adaptation’
    Film ‘The Core’ 
    Film ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’
    Film ‘Johnny English’
    Film ‘The Hulk’ 
    Film ‘The Twins Effect’ 
    Film ‘Love Actually’ 
    Film ‘Acacia’ 
    Film ‘Infernal Affairs 2’ 
    Film ‘Secretary’ 
    [SK Telecom] ‘UTO’
  • Web Site
    Film ‘Far from Heaven’
    Film ‘My Little Eye’
    Film ‘Haute Tension’
    Film ‘Onmyoji’
    Film ‘People I Know’
    Film ‘Infernal Affairs 2’ 

  • Advertise
    Film ‘The Truth About Charlie’
    Film ‘My Tutor Friend’ 
    Film ‘He Loves me’
    Film ‘8 Mile’
    Film ‘The Emperor’s Club’